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category: Interactive

Zillion Platform

Zillion offers a platform for healthcare professionals to provide ongoing digital care for high risk patients. This complex curriculum of care is provided through content (delivered on a timeline or on demand), health tracking, scheduling, 1:1 in-app video appointments and in-app video lectures for groups.

Every user group in the system has a different goal. On a given day, a Coach wants to reach out to their members and view their progress, while a Program Administrator wants to add an event for all members in the program or look at engagement metrics. A Coach Team Lead may want to add a new hire into the system, look at their coaches' schedules and look at member ratings for coaches.

The Zillion Platform needs to display the appropriate information for each user, to eliminate friction and make complex actions easy/efficient. Design paradigms need to be flexible enough to work across the platform, while maintaining the proper permissions and actions for the role. We needed to examine every core component and better understand how the user groups needed to access the tool.

Permissions-based software that can be customized based on client branding, including roles for Platform Operations, Program Administrator, Content Creator, Coaching Team Manager and Coach/Physician. The design is concentrated for each role, with continual product enhancements that penetrate all user groups.

The Zillion Platform and interface is used by America's largest insurer.
500 coaches and over 500,000 members actively access the system.
Developed 2 proprietary design processes that were patented.

  • Skills

    Creative Direction, User Experience, User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Product Strategy, Rapid Prototyping

  • Client

    Zillion Group, Inc.