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category: Branding, Interactive

Restore Health Website Redesign

The Restore Health marketing website had been speaking to one audience: Employers. The message was highly cost-driven; with healthier employees, companies could save money through health insurance costs, productivity, and deferred claims. The problem? Program members were viewing this site, too. The employer savings messaging was alienating potential participants and read as "This is a program to save my company money..." Well, that won't do.
We took a member-first approach for the marketing website. We found that employers were interested in Restore's member-acquisition communication and could better understand our approach with their employees. The employer could still access the business-related information that they were seeking, but members would now experience a much friendlier message on the homepage.
What else changed? We took this as an opportunity to rebrand Restore. The visual implementation was updated to support the new strategy: Being healthy should be easy.

  • Skills

    User Experience, Rapid Prototyping, Creative Direction, Brand Strategy

  • Client

    Zillion Group, Inc., Restore Health

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